Monday, March 31, 2014

Tiny Projects

There are a couple small projects that I want to complete and maybe by making a list they might get accomplished.

I want to add some magnetic strips to the side of my craft shelves so I too can have bobbins all neat and organized.
This Baby swing, for obvious reasons.
Cork board in my kitchen for those often used recipes. Also thinking about putting a square under the right craft shelf for quilt plan designs.

These should be accomplish-able. I hope, this weekend.


Friday, March 21, 2014

House Projects #2 updated list

House Projects Finished
Prep Hallway
Paint Hallway
Prep Entryway 
Paint Entryway
Paint Medallion
Install Medallion
Build Crafting Shelves
Paint, Install Crafting Shelves Prep Bedroom Paint Bedroom Build Kitchen Baby Door
Paint Kitchen Door, install

Install Bedroom TV

House Projects
Build Bedroom book shelves
Install Bedroom Shelves
Fix TV Stand Draws
Prep Pantry
Paint Pantry
Pantry Cabinets
Strip Hallway Molding (5 doorways!)
Build/install Bedroom Tchotchke shelf

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Rice Shoulder Bags

I used this Tutorial to make what will become X-Mas gifts for friends and family. I thought I might start early, while I have an idea I like and before Baby #2 arrives. Since I just organized a ton of fabric into my sewing space I might as well use a bit of it up in the process.

Five more bags all ready for stuffing.

I made 4 of these strips but I already stuffed and gifted one. A fun but neutral fabric.

6 Race Car bags
For a total of 22 bags. I don't have a list of who is getting one I just pulled fabrics, cut and sewed until I was 'done'.


Monday, March 10, 2014

Craft shelves

Asa helping Daddy put the back on the shelves
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The inside color is the same was the wall where they will go.

Asa wanted me to take his picture
Shelves up now to organize.

Shelves FULL!
I still have some organizing/cleaning up left but now I can see more of what I have.
I even got to do some sewing in my newly organized space!
I have a matching valence for the center window but they don't sell my curtain rods anymore, though I don't know that it will be noticeable even to me once it is hung up.
I kept all the small zippered plastic bags that my curtains came in and now use them to separate my projects. Perfect for my hexie quilt project, very portable.


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Jasmine's Quilt #3

 This is the backing of the quilt. I meant to but the banner near the bottom but I laid it out on the bed with it at the top of easier measurement and then opps just sewed it together. Instead of 4 smaller wonky crosses I ended up doing her name, hope it is not to little kid for her. She is almost 21.

I have previously blogged about making the front of the quilt here. If I have enough green left I'll do the binding in green but I might have to alternate green with some of the purples. Happy that I don't have a lot of left overs.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Offical Pregnancy photos (for anouncment purposes)

These photos are what I used to let the internet masses know that we are 'in the family way' again.  These photos were taken just after the 20 week mark.

Half Door with Cat Door

This is the newest installment into our home.  Half doors on the kitchen instead of baby gates with cat holes of course.  It must be noted that a baby or small toddler can get their head stuck in the cat hole. It worked out okay no grease involved.
Kitchen door for hallway

Hallway door from kitchen
I have a hard time getting those tall baby gates to open and they aggravate me to high heavens, so half doors were our solution.
Door between the Dining room and Kitchen

Dining room / Kitchen door

There is a little shelf on top because everyone likes to lean. Also it is great for passing dishes out to the table or setting a cup of coffee, but don't leave it there or the little one will shake the door!