Wedding Gown

My wedding gown was the biggest project I have ever undertaken.  I wasn't looking for fancy I was looking for me....  Somewhere deep down I have known that I was never going to find me in any shop.  I looked for while, mostly online, and it became clear that I would have to make my own. 
I have always been drawn to the laste bustle period of the late 1800's.  Some people just 'fit' into certain time periods.  Whether it is their face shape, hair, or body type.  I have been always been 'victorian'.

Please visit to view the making off and the final wedding photo album. 

I made a version of this dress to be my wedding gown:

My Gown


  1. I love it!!
    beautiful - i can't wait to read more about "you". i just happened onto your here goes....

  2. So cool! I am in the same boat. I love the fact that when it's all done and done you can say "I made that!" and it looks amazing on you!