Thursday, March 6, 2014

Half Door with Cat Door

This is the newest installment into our home.  Half doors on the kitchen instead of baby gates with cat holes of course.  It must be noted that a baby or small toddler can get their head stuck in the cat hole. It worked out okay no grease involved.
Kitchen door for hallway

Hallway door from kitchen
I have a hard time getting those tall baby gates to open and they aggravate me to high heavens, so half doors were our solution.
Door between the Dining room and Kitchen

Dining room / Kitchen door

There is a little shelf on top because everyone likes to lean. Also it is great for passing dishes out to the table or setting a cup of coffee, but don't leave it there or the little one will shake the door!



  1. Did you buy the door and cut in half? How did you do the cat door?

  2. You could buy a full wood door and cut in half, that is one way. Because all my doorways are different sizes my husband and I designed this door to be a specific height and width. He set a thin piece of plywood between two 3/4" plywood that had been cut to shape with the cat door insert. We have since made a half door for my linen/washroom closet with a slight design change. I'll try to add more photos, or additional post. Thanks for commenting.