Friday, October 30, 2015

Churn Dashery is sandwiched

I got her sandwiched all together and loaded onto Miss Juki. Here is a little video of me working into the night. Doing a nice all over loop-de-loop and still not flooring the machine!

Hexi Quilt (fills)

Now that the big stuff is done I am filling in the remaining space. Some of my work:


Echo shell

swirls and echo daisy

Using the lids to my oven roasters as marking tools

I have some one inch cross hatch squares and diamonds, one shaped like a pineapple so done on the curve. Which I used the covers to my over roasters to trace! I'm marking to add some sashiko too.


Friday, October 23, 2015

Hexi Quilt (Feathers done)

So far the feathers have taken 6.5 hours, which isn't to bad since they span all around the edge and thru the middle.
Next?? Small fills: paisley, circle echo, echo shell, flowing leaves, and cross hatch (curved, filled, and regular).
Now for the pictures.

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Churn Dashery

Churn Dash pattern, use as much stash fabric as I can.
All the colored fabric came from my stash. The white is Kona Snow that I had bought to have on hand months ago. Had to buy the batting of course.
Picture of the front and back.

This is Asa sneaking into the photo

"Take the picture, take the picture!"

The bump is our cat Graham.
The backing is blues and greens with a stripe of orange and green.  It looks much more regal in person. I had left it out on the bed cause it has such complementary colors it was pleasant to walk by. My hope is this backing will be more of a true reversible quilt and less of just a backing.

Now quilting. What am I going to do. I think an all over design will pull it together nicely. Especially if I want the front and back to both be a front. The other option is do a design block in the corner blocks, where the corners of the blocks meet. Though that will translate onto the back... plus I'm going to quilt with white thread.
98% sure I am going to do a loop-de-loop.

As Always,

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Hexi Quilt (circle leaves done)

Hi again! 
I have finished the Circle Leaves Galaxy through the quilt. It took 10 hours and 20 mins! 
I did get faster as I moved along, but there is a lot of quilt left. I think I'll work on adding some feathers next. 


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Hexi quilt

I have been trying to squeeze in some quilting between the kids tearing the house and each other apart. They are 3 & 1, so they have no idea how to play together. It's great, you know. 
Well I maybe get a good nap out of little miss and get Asa some quiet time with the TV so I can do some sewing. 
He spends most of the time watching me sew in the bedroom or playing on my bed with the sewing rulers making car ramps, traps, and other shenanigans. 

Now comes some pictures. 

This last photo shows that I worked 32" in 2 days worth of naps which equals to 2:48:47 or almost 3 hours of work. I should have measured the width also. 

I'm tracking myself for several reasons. 
1: to show how much work or time actually goes into this craft. 
2: to see how I improve, or speed up. 
3: time spent on different designs. 
4: time on project overall. 


Friday, October 9, 2015


I bought thread. Lots of quilting thread.

The pink is more fuchsia then rose, which I was hoping to get and the charcoal is a bit darker than I'd like. But without good pictures on the website it was hard to get what I wanted but now I have a real thread chart so I can match it perfect every time. 
Yellow, red, brown, green, and an autumn colors variegated. I think the the other colors will match nicely with the variegated thread too. I have a maple leaf quilt that needs finishing. 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Growing Feathers

I was a little scared. It felt awesome to move freely. Let them grow. 
Obviously working so close to the edge didn't help the look but this is practice, have fun! 


Saturday, October 3, 2015

Feather Practice

I did some research last night on quilting feathers. These are my goal, why I wanted to do free motion. So why haven't I tried them yet? 
I was afraid: 
Am I good enough at varying my speed on the machine? 
Is my hand placement correct?
Can I envision where I want the design to go, placement of petals?

After much review.
I slept on it. And dreamt all night long I was quilting feathers (I'm a bit of a lucid dreamer).
So the Husband took the kiddos to the YMCA this morning then ran errands with the oldest while the youngest had her nap. I was able to accomplish a lot!

First a bunch of practice pieces to get the hang of it.

The Front
 This one I marked the circle but the feather is free hand. Here are the techniques I tried to keep in mind as I went along.
The back

This feather is based on watching a video by Maddie Kertay at the BadAss Quilters Society.
Her video really helped me to let go of the perfect feather, the lobes don't have to be the same length or thickness; fill some or not, just let it grow.
These are 8 inch square.

The Feather

The Pearl border

The Fill

This one took me about 1.25 hours.

Thanks for taking a look! And thanks for all the comments, I really appreciate them.

Here is some inspiration for next time!

As Always,