Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Hexi quilt

I have been trying to squeeze in some quilting between the kids tearing the house and each other apart. They are 3 & 1, so they have no idea how to play together. It's great, you know. 
Well I maybe get a good nap out of little miss and get Asa some quiet time with the TV so I can do some sewing. 
He spends most of the time watching me sew in the bedroom or playing on my bed with the sewing rulers making car ramps, traps, and other shenanigans. 

Now comes some pictures. 

This last photo shows that I worked 32" in 2 days worth of naps which equals to 2:48:47 or almost 3 hours of work. I should have measured the width also. 

I'm tracking myself for several reasons. 
1: to show how much work or time actually goes into this craft. 
2: to see how I improve, or speed up. 
3: time spent on different designs. 
4: time on project overall. 


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