Sunday, October 4, 2015

Growing Feathers

I was a little scared. It felt awesome to move freely. Let them grow. 
Obviously working so close to the edge didn't help the look but this is practice, have fun! 



  1. So what do you do to deal with edges usually? I think your feathers look good.Pillow potential.

    1. Many long arm quilters, if you send them a quilt to do, will have guidelines on how many inches the batting and backing are bigger then the quilt top. This is so they can load the quilt onto the frame. But these inches past are good for the domestic machine quilter so you have something to hold onto. You will notice that my other practice squares I have marked a square into the sandwich with plenty of room to hold on. I did a 4 inch square on a 7 inch sandwich. Happy quilting/crafting!!