Saturday, October 3, 2015

Feather Practice

I did some research last night on quilting feathers. These are my goal, why I wanted to do free motion. So why haven't I tried them yet? 
I was afraid: 
Am I good enough at varying my speed on the machine? 
Is my hand placement correct?
Can I envision where I want the design to go, placement of petals?

After much review.
I slept on it. And dreamt all night long I was quilting feathers (I'm a bit of a lucid dreamer).
So the Husband took the kiddos to the YMCA this morning then ran errands with the oldest while the youngest had her nap. I was able to accomplish a lot!

First a bunch of practice pieces to get the hang of it.

The Front
 This one I marked the circle but the feather is free hand. Here are the techniques I tried to keep in mind as I went along.
The back

This feather is based on watching a video by Maddie Kertay at the BadAss Quilters Society.
Her video really helped me to let go of the perfect feather, the lobes don't have to be the same length or thickness; fill some or not, just let it grow.
These are 8 inch square.

The Feather

The Pearl border

The Fill

This one took me about 1.25 hours.

Thanks for taking a look! And thanks for all the comments, I really appreciate them.

Here is some inspiration for next time!

As Always,


  1. The last one is super! Some things can only be learned by doing. Good move.

  2. Good on you! It's always scarey trying something new, but you seem to have got the hang of it now. Must admit that I've never attempted feathers yet.