Friday, May 13, 2016

Crazy Quilt Finished

This quilt was started when I was pregnant with my first baby in 2011. I think I finished the squares for the top when I was pregnant with my second 2014.

I had made a backing for it but then I didn't think it it went well together. So I sat on it. I went to my quilt guilds day camp, what I call a sew in', with the purpose of picking a backing and getting it sandwiched. 
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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Update Of Things In Motion

Wow I haven't been on here in such a long time. My kiddos have been sick with ear infections and my little girl had surgery at Boston Children's Hospital. 
Oh I was so worried, but they took great care if mom and dad as well as baby too. She has healed remarkably. 
What have I been up too? I searched out some local quilting guilds, I have only had the chance to get to one but they have been great. I am, of course, the youngest in the group however they have lots of talent and are willing to talk!  
Now for some pictures. 
Baby girl is 2 in July! She is such a goofball. Here I look crazy but we were laughing so hard. 
I was trying out some colored thread work and mandala designs. I think I will turn this into a pillow. 
These blocks went into a quilt top you will see further down, but before I put them in I played with some other designs. I drew/made my own paper piece pattern for this quilt cause I wanted a certain look and well I had never done paper piecing before. It makes me think of a never ending escalator. 
Our zoo has a family of gorillas and we are very fortunate to get to watch a baby gorilla grow up. 
Twin size quilt top. 
And it's backing. 
This crazy quilt made with all hand-me-down ( inherited) fabric is finally sandwiched and ready for quilting so you should see a 'done' post soon. 
This quilt top is all sewn together. Next it will go for sandwiching. 
These are some block pieces for a quilt I don't even know what it will look like yet! I am doing the #beguilingmysteryquilt through @corasquilts.
Some more of the mystery quilt blocks that I was playing with placement. 
I was looking for fabric to use to make my quilt guilds block of the month and dug into a bin of scraps that I inherited, not seen before, and found this block and pieces to make 5 more. So I did. Maybe I can make a throw pillow cover. 
I then proceeded to go through the entire bin, sort by size, iron, and then sort by color into piles of 'likely to go in a quilt together'. 
I'm nuts. Lol. 
So there you go. 
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Hope to see you around

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