Thursday, June 19, 2014

Crazy top with borders and maybe a backing

Here is the, final, finished quilt top. I added an extra width of border on the sides so I would have more drop down length. 
I started randomly sewing scraps together to create a backing.
I started having the feeling that it was to pretty to be a backing, and definitely not the backing for this quilt. I think this quilt top needs an 'older' looking backing. Maybe something in the fuddy duddy realm.

So this might still get to be a backing, or maybe it will become a front.  The great thing is that I have used some more hand me down fabric to create.

Thanks to all the other blogs I frequent for the inspiration.

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  1. Truly an INSPIRATION quilt stitching and showing us today, thank you for linking to Show and Tell Monday!Hugs Bambi