Friday, December 20, 2013

Red ziggy quilt

Finished quilt top
Here are my left over cut scraps- and this quilt was made using the scraps from two previous quilts. 
I do have some more red but that will become the binding. In trying to figure out the backing I came up with this: 

T + T 
That's for Tanya and Terry. This is for them. A wedding present long late. They were hitched 9.10.11. 
I have started trimming the T's with more black and the rest of the backing will be solid black. 
Previous work on this quilt Here and Here.

As Always,

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Big kid bed

My baby boy is now in a big kid bed! 

Also did some floor painting. 
This section of the floor does not have the original hardwood because of an electrical fire decades ago. It was white before but that was not good because you could see the path we took in and out of the room. Now it is the same brown as the stripe on the wall.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bedroom Paint Color

 We were thinking of doing two colors in our bedroom; a slate blue and a bluish gray.  Styled like they do in class rooms.  We are thinking 3 down on left card with 2nd down on right card. 

Or a brown.  The brown idea came because we have some art that could go up in the bedroom and it would provide a great base for all the colors of the art.  shrug.  but our bedroom has two walls with nothing to break it up and that might be a lot of brown and could feel to dark.  Was thinking of either of the middle ones.

Holiday Bears

Christmas Bears
Backing of blue flannel

Asa with all the bears

My mom had these bears cut out for ever, and the way I remember it is I asked her if she was going to do anything with them and she said no.  So then I had these bears for ever.  While trying to make some sense and order to my sewing table after moving bedrooms I came across the bears.  I didn't start work until 10 so I had just enough time to whip together these little Christmas bears.  

Asa of course had to have all the bears.  Well that is what they are for, playing with.  Later if I wanted I could put some yarn on the back and change them into ornaments.  


Monday, December 2, 2013

Painting Sarah's new bedroom

I have finally painted the back bedroom. My sister in law lives with us in our three bedroom unit and now we are switching rooms so I asked her to pick a paint color. My husband and I worked on it all weekend. There was quite a lot of puttying to do so it took a lot longer than anticipated. I don't know what the previous owners did to the walls, I think they mounted TVs to every wall and on the others just smashed things against it. Who knows.

Here is the new color. Now we need some new roller blinds and curtain rods. The color is new spring leaves with a touch of lime.  It really helps to brighten the room up and keep it from feeling small.  No worries that outlet is already covered up with a bass cover that matches nicely with the green. 
In fact the bass outlet and switch plate covers is the one item that is consistent through out our home.  I like having an accessory that pulls all the spaces together.

Speaking of accessories.  We have had to replace a lot of the outlets in our unit because the previous owners painted over the outlets.  If you have this in your house or even apartment let your landlord know.  The paint creates a fire hazard and voids the product.  NEVER paint over outlets.  Okay preaching aside, I would love to have black outlets instead of the standard white.  My husband says that they do make them but the expense wouldn't be worth it because they are made for industrial use.  bummer.
Remember when they finally made black fridges and stoves. I'm thankful for that.

As Always,

Jasmine's quilt #2

The quilt top is now done. I ran out of the dark purple fabric to finish the borders so I got some batik fabric that I thought went nicely. I'll use it for the backing also.
Yes that is a mattress on the living room floor.  We also painted our bedroom this weekend so our stuff is slightly displaced.  But the kiddo was loving the new play space!
I want to do an interesting back, I think I'll do a big wonky cross with a four patch of tiny ones set asymmetrically. 

As Always,