Monday, December 2, 2013

Painting Sarah's new bedroom

I have finally painted the back bedroom. My sister in law lives with us in our three bedroom unit and now we are switching rooms so I asked her to pick a paint color. My husband and I worked on it all weekend. There was quite a lot of puttying to do so it took a lot longer than anticipated. I don't know what the previous owners did to the walls, I think they mounted TVs to every wall and on the others just smashed things against it. Who knows.

Here is the new color. Now we need some new roller blinds and curtain rods. The color is new spring leaves with a touch of lime.  It really helps to brighten the room up and keep it from feeling small.  No worries that outlet is already covered up with a bass cover that matches nicely with the green. 
In fact the bass outlet and switch plate covers is the one item that is consistent through out our home.  I like having an accessory that pulls all the spaces together.

Speaking of accessories.  We have had to replace a lot of the outlets in our unit because the previous owners painted over the outlets.  If you have this in your house or even apartment let your landlord know.  The paint creates a fire hazard and voids the product.  NEVER paint over outlets.  Okay preaching aside, I would love to have black outlets instead of the standard white.  My husband says that they do make them but the expense wouldn't be worth it because they are made for industrial use.  bummer.
Remember when they finally made black fridges and stoves. I'm thankful for that.

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