Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My first Zig Zag Quilt Post #1

Alright.  I have these left over parts of quilts and scraps.  I decided that I would make a zig zag quilt with the rectangle technique.  Only I wanted a skinny stripe (red) and a thick stripe (black).  Since my left overs were already cut into strips and some sewn together all I had to do was cut the red fabric in half and in some cases unstitch two black fabrics.  Then I cut them all into lengths.  Laid them on the table.

Looks nice, right?
Have you noticed the problem?
Think about how that is going to be sewn together.  Oh!

My choices are cut down the black portion of the fabric so I have an easy sew together but no more thick stripe, or sew together with half sewn joints at every corner...... what to do?

I want my thick stripe and I want to maximize the fabric.  So crazy sew together it is.  But I have made a compromise with myself.  I already have these other table runner size portions of left over quilt that I will sew to the top and bottom of this lap quilt so I will only do the zig zag crazy sew in the middle and not the whole thing. 

 Current state:

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