Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wedding Present for Mrs. Muerl

47" by 63"

Close up of the white fabric design

This is a lap quilt for a friend who got married August of last year.  I didn't really 'quilt' it, I ran horizontal stitch in the ditch every two rows.  The batting I had on hand was a kind of polyfill that I doubled over to make it a more puffy.  So because of the minimal quilting it has a nice bounce to it. 
I called the recipients today to tell them that I have their gift and they seem quite excited.  They'll get it on Thursday.

This is the last top of a series of quilts that I made for wedding presents over a year ago.  The year I got married we had 7 other weddings that we went to.  I contracted out 2 of the tops for a friend to make for a reasonable fee.  Now I have the left over fabric from those quilts that I have a couple plans for.  A Zig Zag quilt should look nice.  All I have to do is cut the squares into rectangles.  Should be fun piecing them together. 

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