Friday, January 18, 2013

Machine Quilting

I am now on to machine quilting. I have done a little stitch-in-the-ditch before but never an all over quilt job.  This is my first.  I had to purchase a walking foot.  I know, I have been don't this for how long and I have finally made the jump?

I have run into a few problems, questions, and maybe some concerns that you all can help me with.

First I didn't mark my lines for where I wanted to quilt.  I wish I had, but I have never trusted that quilting pens will actually disappear when washed.  Superstition I guess.  I was thinking of getting the quilters caulk and trying that.  What do you use, brand, and how have you liked it? 

On the back of my quilt I got several pleats (puckers).  Do I need to smooth more as I go?  I had a nice taught taping before I pinned it together. 

Overall I like what I have done.  I changed my mind right after the start.  I was going to do a big zigzag with varying widths echoing out.  But it got a bit tedious with all the corners (3).  I thought I had seen an attachment for a walking foot that you can adjust for doing just this type of quilting but I can't seem to find it.  Do you know?  So it turned into kind of a zigzag with sort of diamonds.  I like the texture and I feel that the pattern isn't overpowering the quilt design.  So far at least.

 I realize that it is hard to see the quilting in the large photos but it was worth a try.

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  1. Congrats on venturing into FMQ'ING! I am just beginning myself and really having fun with it!

  2. oooo, I LOVE the colors and pattern of your quilt!! I am going to watch to see if someone gives advice about the back wrinkles/puckers. I got that on my last quilt too even though I felt I had been careful in pin basting it.