Thursday, May 8, 2014

Maxi skirts

As we have all learned by now that maxi skirts are great for pregnancy cause they fit before, during, and after pregnancy.
I bought one a little while ago and I used that one to make 2 more.
All I did was buy 2 yards of fabric.  Folded it length wise right side together (long way) and put the bought skirt on top of the fabric nice and smoothed out. I cut the fabric underneath a 1/2" all around, but not included the waist band.  Sew the sides, hem the bottom, and use this tutorial for the waist band. I wanted seams down both sides so I cut 4 pieces, 2 front and 2 back and sewed them all together but the tut will help with how to sew the waist band on.  I always check how the fabric will fold up or out once sewed before sewing because un-stitching is really hard with knit fabric. 
Green and navy stripe

Apparently curtsies are in fashion again

Plain black


  1. Great idea! I made a few of these two summers ago when I was pregnant, but as the summer wore on I made them minis… it was a really hot summer and I was miserable!

  2. I was thinking that I might need a couple knee length ones.