Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A One Piece Rag Quilt

I laid out about 8 layers of fabric some were even in several pieces alternating light and dark. Quilted diagonal lines about an inch apart, cut through all but the backing and then bound. I bound with the same fabric as the backing but cut on a bias so there would be some lovely diagonal lines.
8 is a bit much but I was trying to use up some fabric that I wouldn't have used otherwise. It has made for a really heavy crib quilt which is actually really great since both my kiddos love weight on them, just like I do.
My son likes to sleep with the ruffle side down so that the soft side is closer to him. Kids!

Mabel admiring the ruffles

Layers all pinned together

Layers cut and quilt bound but not fluffed yet

Close up of the colors in the layers




  1. chenille! I purchased a tool to do this but never made a blanket. very nice

  2. Ditto - bought my special cutter years ago! Wonder where it is now?

  3. Was this just regular fabric, not flannel?

    1. Yes all the fabric was regular cotton fabric. I would recommend a thicker or leave two layers for the back. My back or bottom piece is older so now I wonder about longevity.