Sunday, February 7, 2016

Lumpy futon turns into comfortable couch

Finished Couch

Futon Frame

Foam to be cut to size

Cutting foam with electric cutter borrowed from Hubby's work

Cut foam on frame

Marking and cutting pattern on fabric

Pieces laid out for sewing

Making Piping


Perfect piped corners

inserting zipper to back panel

Finished Project

Thank you for viewing my photo journal about making couch cushions on our futon frame. It was an enjoyable experience and I am very proud.  I think marking and cutting pieces took about the same time as sewing. All in all it was a 10 hour project.
We have a comfortable couch that people want to sit on and it looks great in the space. A durable and machine washable fabric. Also the cushions double as gymnastic mats for the kiddos.

As Always,


  1. WOW! Very impressive! I've wanted to do some upholstery, and you have inspired me.

  2. Great job, it looks really nice.