Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bedroom painting

We have finished painting the bedroom. We went with two colors 2 shades apart. I did all the painting and my husband did all the putty and hardware removal/replacement. We again had to replace the outlets b/c the previous  owners thought that painting over them was a good idea. We are very happy with the results.
Next on the list is to put a book shelf up along the ceiling on the 2 walls that you can see in the first picture. The shelf is to mainly to hold my husbands comics and trades. Then he his building me some craft shelves that will go on either side of the middle bay widow.

Seen from the doorway.  2 colors.

The bay window and my craft area. Still working on storage solutions.
My dear husband hard at work putting putty on the walls.
A big thank you to my husband for getting our little one out of the house to make it easier for me to paint. 
In other news I also made 3 recipes of muffins. Lemon poppy seed, blueberry, and chocolate chip.  Yum.

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