Thursday, February 6, 2014

Weekend Cooking

Mini Blueberry loaves and Greek yogurt culturing
I got this neat mini loaf pan as a x-mas gift and I finally tried it out.  I made a lemon blueberry bread.

The stock pot in the back is a gallon batch of Greek yogurt culturing.  It only took us a week to eat it!

It also looks like I have bread rising under green towel, but that happens all the time.

I have been getting the cooking itch lately. My job schedule has changed so I don't get to make dinners so I have to find an avenue some where.  Looks like weekend baking is my new thing. 

Since food instead of clothes is the shopping I do I have been choosing recipes and making sure the ingredients are in the house and my husband cooks. He is a good cook in his own right and creates some delicious meals but I like what I like/want so we try to pick together as much as possible. I also want variety and I do enjoy trying new things.
I grew up on deer meat and veggies and though there were plenty of other meals in there I recall deer meat and veggies over and over- thus the need for variety.


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