Sunday, February 9, 2014

The sun in my entryway

I have begun painting the entryway/hallway. It is a soft yellow. My DH wanted it to feel like there was sun in the room since there are no windows directly in that part of the house. There is natural light that comes in from the dinning and living room.

The light fixture has 5 natural light bulbs in it and they really make a difference. Particularly since we keep the computer desk in this room. 
We did add a medallion to the fixture which adds a little decadence to the room. Unfortunately the ceiling still needs to be painted. Oh well. Something's are just not as important. Maybe if we were able to fix the place before we moved in. :) 
I still need to do the hallway. There are 5 doorways in the tiny hallway. There are 6 in the entryway. It really makes for a lot of cutting-in. 
My DH took the kid food shopping with some friends so I could paint today however with the hallway I can use a large travel suitcase to block the way so the kiddo will not be able to get through. So I can get it done another time. I am hopping next weekend. 


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