Sunday, February 9, 2014

House projects

House Projects
Prep Hallway
Paint Hallway
Prep Entryway 
Paint Entryway
Paint Medallion
Install Medallion
Build Crafting Shelves
Paint, Install Crafting Shelves
Prep Bedroom
Paint Bedroom
Build Kitchen Baby Door
Paint Kitchen Door, install
Install Bedroom TV
Build Bedroom book shelves
Build Bedroom Tchotchke shelf
Install Bedroom Shelves
Fix TV Stand Draws
Prep Pantry
Paint Pantry
Pantry Cabinets
Strip Hallway Molding

This is the list we made as a 'it would be nice to finish before Baby #2 comes.' We are making good progress but we are doing the easier items or the items that will really improve our standard of living.  


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