Friday, May 15, 2015

Circle Medallion Quilt Update #1

Here it is thus far:
I had a great time doing the flying geese. So many geese. I used the no waste method, but that means there are a lot of little steps. Cutting all the squares, marking all the diagonals, pinning, sewing, cutting, pressing, pinning, sewing, cutting, and pressing again. However having a lot of little steps it was easier to run in and do a little between wrangling the kiddos. I probably would have gone a little nutty if I tried to sit down and do all the steps in, say, two large chunks. 
One large border left. I'm going to see how a circle border will look. I do have all those circles left. 
I also stated working on the backing using the left over geese, geese parts, and other border parts. 



  1. This is an ambitious quilt! but, oh, so pretty! Well done! (And super glad that I didn't have to make all those flying geese!

  2. i love the circles. how did you decide how to lay them out and attach them?