Monday, May 4, 2015

Tattler Reusable Lids and Rings

I grew up with my mother, grandmother, neighbors, all canning our own food.  Vegetables, fish, stew meat. I myself have done a fair amount of canning trying new recipes different types of pickles but I have never used the reusable lids and rings by Tattler. 
I have made some pasta sauce with large cherry tomatoes which I first roasted in the oven and then pur√©ed and cooked down for a little bit on the stove. So I'll see how this goes. I'll follow the instructions step-by-step to ensure that all goes smoothly. 


  1. Thanks for writing about this product. I didn't even know that reusable lids existed! I'm always looking for ways to recycle lids....well, no more! I'm going to search for them online to get an idea of cost and shipping. If they're not too costly, I'll invest in a few dozen lids and try them for myself.

  2. These look so similar to the old style white glass canning flats and rubber rings that my grandma used years ago. Weck also makes a reusable canning jar/lid, which an aunt uses. "Everything old is new again."