Thursday, September 3, 2015

Free Motion Quilting Practice

I got a new machine.
My old machine seen in the background can not do free motion quilting, just a walking foot. My quilting is progressing to where I have been ready to try the next thing. 

First, I needed to learn how to use it.  Little things like how to change the needle (which should be easy) where completely different. Since this machine goes at a surprising 1500 stitches a minute threading the machine is a little more complicated. This keeps the thread from to much friction in the wrong places and from tangling.

Second, practice. 
And Practice.
It was clear right away that I would need quilting gloves. So I have ordered those. I did try my local shop- not in stock and they did not seem to want to order some for me. So online I went. Shrug.
I was also clear that I was going to need to make my practice a bit more formal.

I then make tiny practice quilts. 

I have 28 to get me started. They are 7 inch squares with a 4 inch square border.
I am using  The Free Motion Quilting Project  for tutorials. Leah Day does a great job sharing her knowledge and also her trial and error.


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