Friday, September 18, 2015

Free Motion Practice 3

I have 36 practice designs! Wow!

It is interesting to me what has been challenging and what has been relatively easy.

Here is the newest twelve.

 Modern Weave was the first I did in this new batch and when I switched to Orange thread. The thread really shines and pops off the fabric where the comes together. 
 Landscape has a lot of travel stitching to make sure the hills are defined. Even though there are a lot of stitching lines it didn't take as long as I thought, plus the less perfect you do them just makes the image have more motion.
 Coffee Bean is neat, however I had trouble trying to make it look random. The ovals stack so nicely.  Pebble Daisy is a good center motif, doesn't take too long even with the pebbles.
 Sometimes I have troubles with travel stitching but not with Pebbling. Not sure why- maybe because the motion never stops so it is easy for me to keep going. I love the visual interest of Channel Weave, really draws your eye around.

I felt silly doing the roots, because they are haphazard I was worried they would look lame. 

I think I'll take a break on practicing for now. I have been working on some blocks for a ...... drum roll.... commissioned piece!
I don't want my client to wait in suspense for too long so I should get back to finishing those blocks. Not sure about what I'll do for quilting on it, it will be my first "real" quilted piece (non-walking foot). An all over design for sure. Large Pebbling with a neutral thread perhaps. 


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  1. What great work on your FMQ. I went to workshop for tips on this just two weeks ago and I'm hooked. The project from the workshop was a cot sized quilt using a combination of walking foot and free motion. LOVE IT! Your designs look amazing. Visiting from FIUF.