Wednesday, September 23, 2015

First Commissioned Quilt

When I bought my new machine I wanted to offset the cost by selling a quilt or two. I made very low prices hoping that my friends would want one. Part gift, part product. I also wanted the push to finish a project, and the motivation to fall into learning free motion quilting. Here at amateur hour; they would get a great piece, with hopefully few mistakes, and I would get great practice.
Well I had one friend bite!
I couldn't be more pleased. I'm using all fabrics I already had in my stash and I have flown through putting the top together! The chosen pattern and colors are based on very few questions with him. He wanted traditional with subtle colors.
Given my limited stash I was worried I wouldn't find what I wanted. However I have a lot of small amounts so this quilt is almost a charm quilt. I do like some repeating fabrics, I feel it helps to move the eye around.
Now I haven't gotten permission to post progress photos; I haven't asked if he wants it to be a surprise or not, so here are some teasers.

Kids are great at putting the puzzle together

My other kiddo left me a polar bear

I have 42 13" blocks so it is 6 blocks across and 7 rows down. This will cover a queen and will be a good tuck in length for the full that was requested.


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