Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Baby/ Recieving Blankets

     I made up two quick receiving blankets last Saturday.  It took me longer to cut out the pieces then it did to sew.  The first one (Birds) has a top piece of 30" and a bottom piece of 40" like the instructions from the video on youtube from Missouri Star Quilting Company.  The second blanket (Owl) I wanted a larger one and didn't feel the need for a huge binding/boarder so I cut the top fabric 38" and the bottom was its full width at about 42". 
     On the Birds I learned that you can't just iron the edges and it will all lay flat.  I got some puckering and the top piece was not fully stretched out before I did my top stitching around the border.  So on the Owl blanket I smoothed it out with my hands on the floor and pinned around the border for the top stitching.  But I then also learned to make sure that the border/binding is even on all sides.  I have one side that is a little thicker then the others.  Oh well.  Still a good quick project that definitely encourages some fun fabric. 
     I have left overs of all four of these prints so I'm going to try to do up 2 more of these but they will become scrappy fun.
I know I need to post pictures, I promise tonight.

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