Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jenny's Quilt

I have a friend that I have known since Kindergarten.  I think she is boss.  Here is my quilt to her.

It is lap size.  I sewed squares together until it felt right.  This one is backed with a dark teal.  I cut the backing larger than the top so the backing is also the binding.  I used embrodery thread to tack the layers together.  These are some of the squares that I found in my inherited stash.  I hope Jenny wears this quilt out.  A good quilt gets dirty, patched, and eventually thrown out.  Enjoy.

As Always,

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  1. How sweet to make a quilt for your friend!! You have the same philosophy on quilts as I do. You must love and abuse them, they are not to hang on the wall and be ignored. :) I tell that to everyone I give a quilt to.

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